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Agi Yoeli is a Tel Aviv based sculptor specializing mainly in ceramics sculptures.


Yoeli was born in Berehovo (Beregszasz), then Czechoslovakia. She studied decorative art in Budapest. After the Second World War she studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She did post graduate studies in Stockholm.


In November 1947 Yoeli immigrated to Israel, and after 3 months was conscripted into the IDF. She married Prof. Pinhas Yoeli and their son is Dr. Rafi Yoeli.


Throughout the years Yoeli has resided mainly in Israel. Together with her husband she has been invited on Sabbaticals to many countries where she has taught and exhibited her work.


Agi Yoeli was invited to be Artist in Residence at the Royal College of Melbourne, Australia and also at the Academy of Art at the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A. Her works have been exhibited in Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Turkey, New York, Washington and in travelling exhibitions in the U.S.A


Agi Yoeli’s works have often been exhibited as series namely: The Friendly Animals; The Birds; The Astronaut Family; A City in The Clouds; Blow-up Fruits; The Olympics; Tourism; Trees; Victoriana.





1942-1944, Decorative Arts, Budapest, under Istvan Gador

1945-1947, Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, Prague

1963-1964, Postgraduate studies, Konstfachscholan, Stockholm, under Stig Lindberg



Selected Exhibitions


1945, Group show in Prague, Czechoslovakia

1947, Group show in Budapest, Hungary

1950, Exhibition of sculpture at Tel Aviv Museum

1951, Exhibition of sculpture at Tel Aviv Museum

1956, Ceramics exhibition at Museum of Haifa

1966, One man exhibition, Hadassa K Gallery, Tel Aviv

1960, Exhibition of sculpture and ceramics at the Tel Aviv International Fair

1966, Exhibition of sculpture and painting at the Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

1968, Exhibition of works in the Israeli Pavilion of the Montreal World Fair

1968, One man exhibition, America-Israel Cultural Foundation Art Gallery, New York

1968, Travelling exhibition of Israeli Art, U.S.A.

1972, Exhibition “Art Basel 1972”, Basel, Switzerland

1976, Toorak Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1977, One man exhibition, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

1980, One man exhibition, Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa

1981, Exhibition of works in Washington Art Fair

1984, Group exhibition Tel Aviv museum, Helena Rubinstein

1984, Group exhibition, Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem

1988, One man exhibition, Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv

1989, One man exhibition, Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv

1990, Group exhibition, Rehovot Art Center

1990, Group exhibition, Bat Yam Museum of Art

1991, Group exhibition, Artist House, Jerusalem

1991, Group exhibition, Herzlia Museum of Art

1991, One man exhibition, Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv

1992, One man exhibition, Ephrat Gallery, Tel Aviv

1993, Group exhibition Manes Gallery, Prague, Check

1993, Group exhibition Kahana House Gallery, Ramat-Gan

1994, Group exhibition Israeli Art , Museum of Modern Art, Kioto, Japan

2000, Group exhibition, First Israeli Biennale for Ceramics, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2007, Group exhibition Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2008, One man exhibition, Shalom Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv



Yoeli’s works are found in many private and public collections in Israel, Europe, U.S.A and Australia.

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